Course curriculum

Course Outline

    1. End to End Business Flow Overview

    1. Create Expense Reimbursement

    2. Practice: Create Expense Reimbursement

    3. Approve Expenses

    4. Practice: Manager Approves Expense Report

    5. Create Expense Payment Request

    6. Practice: Audit Expense Report and Create Expense Payment Request

    7. Process Expense Reimbursement

    8. Practice: Process an Expense Report Invoice

    1. Create Supplier Invoice

    2. Practice: Creating Manual Invoices

    3. Run Payables Invoice Register Report

    4. Practice: Running the Payables Invoice Register

    5. Create Supplier Payments

    6. Practice: Defining a Payment Process Request Template

    7. Practice: Submitting a Payment Process Request

    8. Create Payables Accounting

    9. Practice: Submit Create Accounting in Final/Post for Payables

    1. Create Customer Invoice

    2. Practice: Create a Customer Manual Invoice

    3. Receive Funds from Customer

    4. Practice: Creating a Receipt

    5. Create Receivables Accounting

    6. Practice: Submit Create Accounting in Final/Post for Receivables

    1. Review Transactions in General Ledger

    2. Practice: Review Subledger Transactions

    3. Create and Post Manual Journals

    4. Practice: Enter and Post a Manual Journal Batch

    5. Run Trial Balance

    6. Practice: Running a Trial Balance Report

    1. Run Fixed Format Reports

    2. Practice: Run Reports from Financial Reporting Centre

    3. Run Business Intelligence Reports

    4. Practice: Viewing an Oracle Transactional BI Report from Reports and Analytics

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