Course curriculum

  • 2
    Common Setup
    • Create Implementation User
    • Create Employee User
    • Assign Roles to Users
    • Create Implementation Project
  • 3
    Fixed Assets Setup
    • Add Roles Required for Fixed Assets
    • Setup Fixed Assets
    • Review System Controls
    • Review Fiscal Years
    • Create Fiscal Year
    • Create Asset Location
    • Create Calendars
    • Create Prorate Convention
    • Create Asset Book
    • Create Asset Categories
    • Review Depreciation Methods
    • Provision Roles to Fixed Asset User
  • 4
    Using Fixed Assets
    • Create Assets
    • Create Assets from Spreadsheet
    • Soft Close Fixed Assets Period
    • Run Depreciation and Hard Close Fixed Assets Period
    • View Journal Entry Reserve Ledger Report
    • Retire Assets
    • Transfer Accounting Entries to General Ledger
    • Review Fixed Assets Transactions in General Ledger

Pricing options

Explain how different pricing options might be valuable to different segments of your audience.