Course Outline

The course uses the 7Ds (Discover, Define, Design, Develop, Debug, Deliver, Deploy) Agile Methodology, Scrum based with Multiple Sprints. It is an ERP Cloud Implementation Accelerator developed by Cementors. This rapid implementation methodology will enable you to implement a real life scenario based implementation within 20 Days for the Core Enterprise Structure and Financials. It Includes: General Ledger, Payables, Receivables and Cash Management. It includes the core areas of an implementation project.

  • Discover: Capturing and Analysing the requirements from the business

  • Define: Defining the scope based on the requirements

  • Design: Writing a design document based on the core processes

  • Develop: Configuring the ERP Cloud environment based on the requirements

  • Debug: Reviewing and executing the test scripts

  • Deliver: Review the training documentation and amending to fit the scope of the requirements

  • Deploy: Migrating the converted data and planning the cutover to live operations

Core Sections

  • Starter Course: The prerequisite course required for newbies

  • Main Course: The main Bootcamp

  • Dessert Course: Post Course mentorship including Certification preparation and Job hunting skills

  • Delivery Style

    The course is delivered as a combination of live sessions, webinars and pre-recorded videos. You will have access to: The recorded sessions, the latest Oracle SaaS ERP Environment during the course and the course materials, during and after the course.

  • Tips and Tricks

    “Best Practice tips and tricks” from one of the most experienced Oracle ERP Consultants on the planet with 20+ years as a consultant. Mock Exams for the Certified Implementation Specialist Exam, Job hunting tips, post course mentorship and loads more…

  • Consultant's Toolkit

    A repository of documentation and templates (Sample Questionnaires, Design and Configuration Documents, Test Scripts, Integration and Migration sample files etc…) that will help you in your journey as an ERP Consultant – a must have for all ERP Consultants


Frequently Asked Questions

  • When are the sessions run?

    This are the pre-recorded on-demand sessions. And you can attend them at anytime 24/7.

  • When can I start the training?

    You can start learning immediately.

  • How long will it take me to become an ERP Consultant?

    It really depends on your background and the effort you put into it. The 20 Day Bootcamp Course covers a lot of content and it’s ideal to get you started. After the course, you can spend another month to master the content, and prepare to take the certification exam.

  • What steps do I need to take to become an ERP Consultant?

    Attend the course (The ERP Bootcamp). Practice the exercises. Be very confident that you know the content. Get a job in one of the core areas of the course. Learn as you earn. Mentor others. Don’t stop learning (the industry always changes)

  • Is it easy to get a Job in this field?

    There are lots of factors that determine if it’s easy to get a job or not. For example the economic climate and the location where you intend to work. There are loads of roles out in the job market for the skills that you will learn in the course.

  • What Roles can I apply for after the course?

    The course covers skills that will enable you to function in the following core Oracle roles: - Business Analyst - Solutions Architect - Functional Consultant - Technical/Functional Lead - Tester/Test Lead - Trainer - Deployment Lead - Data Migration Consultant/Lead

  • What are the salary expectations?

    This depends on the role and the location. Most roles can command salaries from about US$50,000. And it’s not uncommon to see mid management / senior roles in the US$100,000+ range.

  • Will I have access to the materials after the course?

    You will have lifetime access to the materials.

Payment Options

One Time / Three Instalments